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I'm your advocate.

When I purchased my first home many years ago, I did not have an advocate looking out for my best interests. Frankly, the agent I was working with did little more than unlock the door and show me that the home had walls, a roof and a floor. This was evident in the fact that he allowed me to purchase a home with rotten masonite siding (aka wet cardboard), causing me to spend money I didn't have to put new siding on the entire home in the first year. This was a lesson learned the hard way, but one I will not allow my clients to learn the hard way. I will be an advocate for you, ensure you understand everything you sign and ensure your best interests are represented.

New to real estate?

Whether you are a first-time buyer, first-time seller, not sure whether you should do anything or are just plain curious, check out the RESOURCES page to learn how I can help you understand the process more and put your concerns at ease.


How I Help You Buy & Sell


Finding and Buying a Home

-By understanding your needs and goals, I customize home searches for you, proactively and consistently.

-I communicate with you through methods and frequencies that suit your preferences and timeline, offering videos and virtual tours of homes if you can't make it for an in-person showing.

-I will help educate and inform you of market trends and help you understand how those trends impact you.

-I'll connect you with lenders, inspectors, and others that can help you through this process, but ONLY those I know and trust. And NO, I do not receive ANY compensation for my recommendations.

-I'll help you negotiate the best price and provide you with objective data to reinforce your decisions.

-I'll schedule inspections, lead the way to the closing table and stay in touch with you long-term.


Selling Your Home

-I'll provide you with an honest, expert valuation of your home, based on market trends and your goals.

-Through the Richter & Co Team, the Brand Name Real Estate brokerage and our connections as Premier Zillow Agents, you will receive marketing support and exposure that no other team in Charleston can provide. Out network is locally enriched and nationwide.

-The communication will be frequent, efficient and honest.

-I'll help you negotiate the best price that meets your goals.

-You will receive the time and attention you deserve to ensure a great selling experience that maximizes your return on your investment.

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